A Creator’s Guide: WTF is Vidsy?

A Creator’s Guide: WTF is Vidsy?

So, you’ve signed up to Vidsy (nice one), or you’re considering it, and want to know how it all works?

We get it can be a little confusing at times but trust us, Vidsy is the world’s most innovative model for creative videomakers to earn. A bold statement we know, but let us explain why:

Vidsy Perk #1: Simple Payments

If you create content with Vidsy, you’re guaranteed payment. You submit videos and a project file to Vidsy, and you’re earning triple digits. It’s that simple.

Vidsy Perk #2: Apply to Briefs in Seconds


We don’t expect cover letters, CVs and applications forms. To sign up for Vidsy all you need is a portfolio. After that, applying for creative briefs is as simple as hitting ‘Apply To Brief’. (Giving you more time to do important things, like personal projects or laying down).

Vidsy Perk #3: Community

Sharing is caring! Working with Vidsy, you’ll be part of a community of thousands of creators. By sharing the love wide, we're able to ensure an incredibly diverse range of perspectives and creative executions.

Vidsy Perk #4: Your Portfolio

Vidsy is a shortcut to work with the world’s top brands without years of networking. We don’t care about your contacts or how many followers you have–if you have the skills you can work with the best.

What Do Vidsy Creators Do?

"So, those perks sounds sweet, but what am I actually doing as a Vidsy creator?" we hear you ask. Well, here's something for your mum to brag to the neighbours about...

To put it simply, you'll be creating videos for top brands. Generally through motion graphics and tailored for mobile.

Most commonly, creators make videos for brands' social media channels and online adverts. Brands we've worked with include Netflix, L'Oreal, Deliveroo, Jimmy Choo and Warner.

How Do I View & Apply to Briefs?

If you want to peruse Vidsy briefs, you need to create an account (you can do this here).

Once signed in you can explore what’s up for grabs on our Live Briefs dashboard. When you see something you like, hit ‘Apply For Brief’ and bad-a-bing, you’ve applied.

We recommend connecting your Vidsy account to CreatorBot, our messenger bot designed to keep creators updated with the latest opportunities. CreatorBot lets you view and apply to brand briefs straight from your phone. Check out our Meet CreatorBot article to find out more.

After you’ve applied to a brief, your profile will then be reviewed by the team. If we think you’ve got what it takes, you’ll be asked to create.

How Do I Know What To Create?

When you’re accepted to a Vidsy brief, you’ll be shared a project description. This includes everything you need, from inspirational content to campaign context to brand guidelines, colours and assets.

As the brands on our platform vary, the type of content we ask creators to produce is often different brief to brief. With Vidsy you can expect to create content for everything from movie trailers to TV, fashion and beauty to gaming, food, health, tech and beyond.

What Do You Do With My Video Files?

We burn them. Yep, set them on fire and watch the chaos.

Jokes...not really. Firstly, your videos are reviewed and tweaked by the Vidsy Creative Team. We make amends to your project directly through your After Effects file, so keeping your comp tidy is super appreciated by our resident mographers.

Next, we share your videos with the brand. After this, they use them how they see fit. This could be anything from a feed post on Facebook to a SnapChat advert reaching millions of people.

So, You Really Pay Me For This? No Catch??

Yep, even we can’t believe it.

If you’re selected for a brief, create and submit your videos and a project file before the deadline, then you’re making $$$.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Vidsy Creator? Sign up below and discover the new way to earn as you create ⇣⇣⇣

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