Why Creative Diversity Is Key To Video Success

Why Creative Diversity Is Key To Video Success

Working in the creative industry shouldn’t be all about who you know, it should be about what you know.

Our Big Creator Survey showed that over 60% of creators identify finding new clients as their biggest freelance challenge. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  At Vidsy, we believe that creative opportunities should be available to those who have the skills, and here’s why...



It’s been the same for eternity. The majority of freelancers are still finding work through word of mouth and existing contacts. It’s understandable. In business, you trust recommendations from people you hold in high esteem, but this system can breed a club of exclusivity that is very difficult to penetrate.

These clubs can have a negative impact for two reasons. Firstly, new creators won’t be able to make an impact if they can’t get their foot in the door. Our Big Creator Survey highlighted that 77% of creators use freelance work to improve their portfolio for additional work. It’s a bit Catch 22 if they can’t even land that first gig to entice future projects. A creator said it best in our survey: “some brands are looking for a 30-year-old with 20 years experience”.

Secondly, relying on the same creators over and over again can lead to creative stagnation. At Vidsy, we understand the value in creative diversity. By sharing the creative pot amongst a wide community, we’re able to ensure an incredibly diverse range of perspectives and creative executions. This keeps things fresh and we call it creative exploration. It’s one of the unique reasons brands work with us. 

It’s great to see the tide already moving away from word of mouth. Less than a third of creators pitch for jobs now through applications, because we know that it’s incredibly time-consuming and the chances of success are not worth the effort. In response to this, 54% of creators are now using creative communities like Vidsy to find work. We’re expecting this to increase as more people look for new ways to establish themselves in a competitive industry.



Another awesome stat from our Big Creator Survey, is that 54% of creators are finding work through social media. The digital world opens doors to people you might otherwise never have been able to put your work in front of.

Wondering where to showcase your work or find potential new creatives to work with? Here are the top 3 places our creators display their portfolio of work:

You can only upload work to Instagram via your phone, but this hasn’t stopped 72% of creators getting stuck in. We wouldn’t recommend using this as your main portfolio, but with 1 billion monthly active users, it’s the perfect place to showcase what you’re up to in bitesize chunks. Use hashtags to make your content discoverable, and link your bio to your main body of work so potential clients can discover more.

If you’re looking for somewhere to host high-quality video content, look no further. Vimeo is a community of professionals, with a clean layout for sharing your portfolio link with potential clients. You can also password protect your work to keep your videos safe or share sensitive brand work.

Creating your own website can have huge benefits in sealing the deal with a client. There’s enough space to really tell your story and elaborate on your projects. We’re huge fans of Muriel’s portfolio, especially how she explores her thinking towards each final video with her highlighted projects section.



The creative industry is incredibly competitive, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Our Big Creator Survey brought an interesting stat to our attention: 69% of creators brand themselves in some way. Whether that’s going as far as registering a limited company or just thinking about a cool logo, creators are taking the proactive step of separating business from personal.

And the benefits don’t stop there. As well as making an impression on clients with unique branding, drawing a line between your social and business life can do wonders for your creative wellbeing. As we discovered in our 4 Ways To Desk article, taking the time to craft your workspace can bring out the best in your work. And next week we’ll be looking at how taking control of your business finances can reduce admin headaches (watch this space).

At Vidsy, our technology empowers a new generation of creators to work with the world’s hottest brands regardless of who’s in their contact book…

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