V Guide: The Endframe

V Guide: The Endframe

Made an amazing video but don’t know how to end it? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. This is our guide to mastering the endframe.

Leaving an audience satisfied is vital. Whether creating an ad for socials or a full motion picture, a finally needs to tie it together.

When creating mobile-content for a client, it’s crucial to keep endframes sleek and direct. Below is everything you need to know about creating the perfect endframe.

Okay but WTF is an Endframe?

The term endframe refers to a social advert’s sign off. Often it lasts anywhere between two to three seconds, showing off a brand logo and giving the viewer a call to action.

As media and technology changes, so do best practices for social videos. So keep in mind, the endframe for an in-feed video (square, 16:9) will be different for a vertical video (Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok).

Control Your Composition


It’s important to consider how you arrange assets in your endframe. Clever use of visual hierarchy will influence how the viewer takes in information.

To keep it simple: the logo should always be the most dominant, followed by the call to action (e.g. "Play Now" or "Download Now") and then any additional signals (App Store, website).

❒ AE Top Tip: Using a grid system will help you lay everything out appropriately. The rule of thirds really helps here. Remember to make sure everything is centred on a vertical axis.

Sleek Simple Imagery


By the end of your video, a viewer should’ve consumed all necessary visual information - they know the product, the brand’s style and any visual narrative. Because of this, a great endframe doesn’t need to display anything complicated.

The imagery in the background should always be simple. By this point in the viewer will know the context, so imagery on the endframe is not as important as the text.

Animate For Emphasis


To get the best out of your endframe, it helps to animate messaging and play with transitions. This can be as simple as adding a slight pulse to "Play Now" or even a glow around the swipe up icon if you’re creating for Instagram stories. Your call to action should never emulate a button however this is just kinda tacky (no one wants to be that guy).

The Endframe Checklist

❑ Use a guide - think about the most important elements.

❑ Keep it simple - sleek sells.

❑ Animate for impact - use movement to highlight an action you want the viewer to take.

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