V Guide: The CTA

V Guide: The CTA

CLICK HERE NOW!!!!! How your content can make people take action.

Your content can make people do lots of things - laugh, cry, gasp, change hairstyles, find a new identity or start a roadside business selling fruit. As a content creator, you have a big influence.

However, in the age of internet ads, there’s one action more important than the rest. The click (well with smartphones it’s light tap but you get the idea). And the CTA is your tool to encourage it.

What the heck is a CTA?

The Call To Action, or CTA for short, is a deliberate piece of design or copy that pushes a consumer to do something. The suggested action can range across buying something or signing up, to more broad actions like thinking about recycling.

CTAs are everywhere online. They include everything from the UI "Purchase Now" button on shopping sites to the "Swipe Up" arrow in Instagram stories.

Simple text can equally be a CTA if it encourages a viewer to do something. Think videos with copy like "Join the Movement", "Sign Up" or very specific copy like “Don’t Drink and Drive”.

The Swipe Up

VMag Border [SWIPE UP]_2.gif

The big two swipe up platforms are Instagram and SnapChat. The two have different rules for highlighting CTAs, so make sure to check current guidelines before you create.

The above examples show some creative ways to highlight a swipe up CTA, even incorporating a piece of circular furniture.

There are lots of opportunities to be creative with a swipe ups. Think about how you can bring the brand’s vibe into your CTA design. What would grab a viewers attention?

❒ AE Top Tip: When creating vertical video, add a story template layer to your comp. This will ensure you place your CTA design correctly and help you understand how your content will look when it's live.

Text Encourager

VMag Border [feedCTA].gif

Feed-video CTAs are not as defined as with vertical swipe ups. Calling the viewer to action in feed videos isn't even always essential. However, when a client requests a CTA in this format, they want your content to ask/tell the viewer to do something.

Note the example above tells the viewer to “Get In Shape With Yoga Today”. This direction to the viewer is a CTA, implying they should use the advertised service.

It’s key to make this CTA copy stand out. Often the text is bold and featured at the video’s endframe.

The CTA Checklist

❑ Check the best practices for the platform you’re creating for.

❑ Don’t be afraid to be creative with the swipe up CTA.

❑ Use an appropriate CTA - this can range from simple “Sign Up Now” to “Get a New Way to Create”.

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