Meet CreatorBot

Meet CreatorBot

CreatorBot is finally live and improving how you access opportunity. Through blood, sweat and code, we've released our very own messenger-bot into the wild.

Building CreatorBot, in tandem with our updated Creator Portal, has been Vidsy's greatest tech journey to date. But what’s it all for? Why are we innovating tools for creators? And what’s next?

Why Innovate?

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You know the old school (pre-Vidsy) method of finding creative work: (1) email hundreds of brands, (2) wait for a response, (3) refresh your inbox, (4) maybe get offered “exposure”, (5) repeat or quit. Well, it’s fair to say this approach is outdated.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve sent our share of emails asking for creative work, there’s no shame. But everything needs an update eventually. And any young creator with rent to pay will agree, it’s time applying for creative work got an upgrade too. Queue Vidsy.

From day one we’ve focused on innovating how brands and creators work together, using tech to take the admin out of the creative process. In many ways we’ve already solved the issues - Vidsy gives young creators hassle-free access to opportunity.

So job done? Definitely not.

As Vidsy grows we aim to enable more and more creators. By giving our community innovative tools (outside of their inbox), we can make it even easier to get rewarded for their talent.

The Vidsy CreatorBot is our latest step towards building a better future for creators. A fairer and more dynamic way to access opportunity. CreatorBot is a tool for you, an alternative to wasted time.

Why a bot?


Our community is active, to say the least. In between social lives, personal projects and studies, finding time to apply for creative briefs can be hard. So designing solutions that work around busy lifestyles is priority number one.

In the age of AI and increasingly advance messenger platforms, developing a bot for our community only seemed logical. It let us continue to share Vidsy briefs but do so more effectively. CreatorBot takes the same creative opportunities and makes them accessible to any creator, regardless of how much free time they have.

By tailoring a bot to our community, we’re able to keep creators updated with the information they need. CreatorBot notifies when new briefs are available, shares valuable information and gives live payment updates. All straight from your phone, like a personal, pocket-size Vidsy.

How we did it?


To understand what you wanted, we spoke to hundreds of Vidsy creators. We brought people into Vidsy HQ (free beer included), sent out surveys and Skyped across the globe. We even filmed creators using our old platform. All in the quest to make Vidsy a better experience.

Through the wonders of data collection, our team could outline what CreatorBot needed to achieve. The Vidsy tech squad then laid out a plan (a big one). After a year of work, including a revamped Creator Portal, a new payment system, redesigned briefs and thousands of hours coding, CreatorBot was complete.

What’s Next?

Other than a well-deserved rest for our tech team, we have much more in the works. The plan for Vidsy tech 2019 isn't finalised yet but expect extra updates to our current platforms, more Vidsy content and more briefs.

Connect your account to CreatorBot via the link in the Vidsy Creator Portal now ⇣⇣⇣

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