Introducing "V"

Introducing "V"

Every brand wants to be "cool", be the "hottest on the scene" or "the one to watch", that's the aim of the marketing game, right? In designing our new logo, we took a different approach - create a symbol that gives purpose.

We think being "cool" is cool. It's just great. Which brand doesn't want to be in chic magazines and work with the best of the best?

Sometimes a symbol needs to do more than act the part though, more than act "cool". It needs to tie a business together. Branding is successful when it doesn't just look "cool", but when it gives purpose.

In reinventing Vidsy's logo, we're tying all our work and relationships together. From our creative community to the clients we work with to the Vidsy team, "V" is a symbol for everything.

"V" stands for putting creativity into every service we offer, every piece of content we produce and every opportunity we share. "V" isn't simply to be "cool", it's to connect our brand.

So why a brandmark now?

Recently we reached a new personal landmark - receiving a set of keys to our New York office. At this moment we began our search for a new symbol, a way to unify our teams and global community of creators.

We wanted something bold and recognisable, but simple enough that you could doodle it with a biro in your notebook.

Creating “V”

Designing our brandmark around the most prominent letter of our name was a clear choice. Not only does it represent Vidsy but the videos our business is built on.

Like any good design, “V” began its life in a sketchpad. After dozens of drafts, doodles and hours looking at abstract shapes, we found "the one". It was clear, two “V”s are better than one, so we choose a style playing with overlapping subjects.

Philosophy in Design

V Animate In Grid.gif

Creating Vidsy's brandmark gave an opportunity to show our identity. First and foremost as a tech company. Simplicity and friendliness is our purpose, so to reflect this, we curved two corners. Alternatively, keeping the rest of "V" hard and sharp indicates our presence as a dynamic and disruptive force.

The Scribble

V Titles.gif

As Vidsy expands, we want a symbol that works across all our projects. So we added one extra, interchangeable, element to our design: a calligraphy scribble.

As Vidsy grows, we plan on using "V" to tie everything we do together. From the newly launched V-Mag to our V-Store to V-Talks to V-House, this our uniting symbol. So watch out, "V" is here. How cool.

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