How To Shoot Social Videos Like A Pro

How To Shoot Social Videos Like A Pro

Looking to make a real impact with your social videos? We’ve got you covered!

It can be difficult to keep track of best practices in a social world that is continually evolving. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you reach your creative best.

From those initial plans before you get started, to nailing that perfect shot. Here are the three foundations you should focus on to keep top brands coming back for more…

Make an Impact


Consider the narrative

You aren’t going to be able to fit a 90-second story into a 10-second video, so you’ve got to be clinical with the parts that you choose to keep. Summarise the story you want to tell into one single sentence, and make sure you have the shots planned that are needed to tell it.

Hook your audience

Social audiences are some of the least captive people you’re going to create for. That’s why you need a hook. Something to grab their attention immediately. Make sure you have a compelling opening shot that excites and stimulates them right from the beginning.

Keep it visual

In-feed, only ~40% of viewers are watching with sound. Think about how you’re going to emphasise the narrative through visuals only, because you can’t rely on voiceover and on-screen conversation to carry the story.

Get Strategic


Keep objective front of mind

Performance or brand awareness? Click-through or view retention? These are the key questions in 2019, especially when it comes to social content/ Ensure you plan your shots to help you achieve your objective.

For brand awareness, you’ll want to make sure the logo and brand name is clearly visible from the beginning. It’s all about making that imprint.

For performance, focus on the product. Show the product in use and really tout the benefits!

Plan for variety

When it comes to social content, brands will test a lot of different content against each other to see which performs best. Think about the variations you can create with your video to really nail those A/B tests. What content can you switch? One product vs. the range? One actor vs. a group? Just the hands vs. including the face?

Consider the overlays

Social isn’t just about shooting the videos. Sometimes they will come to life in post-production with overlays, special effects and more. When you’re shooting your video, consider how you can leave space in the frame for post-production work (e.g. logo placement).

Stay authentic!

The best performing content on social tends to be native and authentic to the platform. Think about how you can make the content feel more relatable, relaxed and playful for the audience.

The Perfect Shot


Flip 90˙

Social is a portrait canvas, so make sure your visuals will crop nicely for 9:16. Panning across a scene may be more beneficial than trying to fit everything in and ending up with too much headroom!

It’s all about the angles

When cutting down to social, multiple angles help speed up the story and cut up the narrative. What could be better than more options to tell the story in unique ways?

Get closer than you think

Stating the obvious here, but mobile screen are small. Therefore, you have to consider how your shot will look. Those epic wide shots, for example, will be even smaller on a mobile screen. Make sure anything that’s important to read or view fills the frame, and the camerawork guides the viewer towards it.

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