How To Optimise Video Content For Sound On

How To Optimise Video Content For Sound On

There’s a new weapon within our social media advertising arsenal: the power of sound. Yes, it’s been there all along, but for a long time brands have applied caution on their path to engage viewers without enraging them. Now, the tide has turned. 

Emerging social platforms such as TikTok, and even household names such as Snapchat, are seeing much higher listening figures. More and more users are now watching videos with the sound on by default. This is a huge shift and advertisers need to adapt. Things move fast but the opportunity to cut through the noise is very apparent.


Now more than ever, you have the power to influence how your audience feels, and you can manage their expectations from the outset with the right piece of music.

Consider this video of a dog receiving its first bath. Yes, it’s not a branded example but the same rules can apply. Each video features a completely different genre of music, which has a direct impact on the ambience of the piece, and therefore on how we react. One is funny, the other powerful.

The music applied to each advert sets the tone of the piece, and it takes time to curate the right track for each brand and campaign. At Vidsy, we have an extensive library of music at our disposal ensuring that we set the right tone for every video we produce, whatever the brand, audience and platform.


You want the content to feel as immersive as possible, leverage  music to land that all-important key message. However, adding music to a composition or advert is simple. Tailoring that track to fit seamlessly into the creative is the real challenge, and requires careful consideration.

Whenever producing video that builds to a crescendo (e.g. builds anticipation), for example, we can add more impact to the core message by ensuring that the drop of the track lands alongside the core message. This amplifies the message for the brand and the impact for the audience.


Rhythm is something that we all need in our lives, and social content is no different. Editing creative to the beat of a track generates a natural cadence and flow that acts as an additional hook for the viewer.

Not only is working to the beat more beneficial with sound-on, it’s also beneficial with sound-off because the edit of the content feels more fluid regardless. Win-win!


Grab an audience's ears as well as their eyes! Adding additional sound effects through the composition enables us to give more depth to the content. The more depth the content has, the more immersed the viewer ultimately becomes.

As you can see in the above ad, the power of the content comes from the perfect cuts. There’s another example that we think does this perfectly, from creative dynamos Dutch Toast. Check out the sequence from 0:25, how they’ve considered how the visual and audio rolls together to create one seamless, gripping piece that you can’t look away from.

Here at Vidsy, we pride ourselves on producing the best possible video  for each and every platform. Want to learn more? Drop us a message today!

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