Getting The Most Out of Client Assets

Getting The Most Out of Client Assets

A great musician can make the cheapest instrument sound good, just as a seasoned mographer can make the blandest images come to life.

The art of creating juicy content from limited assets can get a mographer far. Often times, when you’re briefed by a client and given an asset pack, it can feel limiting. How can I create sleek, mesmerising and interesting visuals with just a few stills, videos and a logo?

The trick is to embrace the challenge. Finding unique ways to use and tell a story with simple assets will set you apart as a creator. Reach into your creative toolkit, get editing and think different.

Here are Vidsy’s top insights for working with a client asset pack, plus some inspiration:

Essential Knowledge: Creating From An Asset Pack

In a world of copyright, licensing and brand guidelines, it’s important to stick to an asset pack if you wanna make $$$ as a mographer. So that means no external assets found or created elsewhere.

Unfortunately, adding visuals found online to a client’s video can make your content unusable. This includes everything from taking a logo from Facebook to an overlaying glitch effect (just because something says “Creative Commons” doesn’t mean you can use it commercially).

How Far to go When Editing Assets?

How crazy you go with editing assets is entirely up to the brief you're creating for. Some clients are looking for you to push creative boundaries and others will want slick ontrend content.

Common sense is key, think about the brand you're working with, look at their existing content and make a judgement of what asset edits will work or not.

Transforming Assets: Vidsy’s Top Tricks

1. Cut it Up

Cut Up Example 1.gif

Breaking an image into individual elements lets you make ordinary stills dynamic. From this think creating patterns, adding motion paths and creating unique ways to highlight a product.

2. Unique Transitions

Transition example .gif

How you connect frames makes a big difference to the story you're telling. You can use transitions to make products feel more exciting or glamorous.

Pacing, frame wipes/blending and connecting animations dramatically changes the tone of your content. Don’t underestimate the influence of transitions.

❒ AE Top Tip: To master your transistions, try adjusting how you keyframe connecting movements and add motion blur.

3. Animate

Animate Example 2.gif

Used correctly, the “puppet tool” can bring still images to life. Where appropriate, can you personify elements from an asset pack?

Although, make sure it works, and you don't fall under the uncanny-valley side of "puppet tool" animations.

4. Clipping Masks

Clipping Example 1.gif

"Clipping masks", especially combined with text, are a great way to make videos look modern and dynamic. Think about the movements behind and how you can overlap masks and other layers.

5. The Slingshot

The Slingshot Examples_1.gif

The Slingshot FX has become super popular over the last year. It plays on zooming in and out in a fluid motion. Whether composed of stills or videos tied together, it's a powerful addition to your mograph artillery.

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