Creator Spotlight: Adapt To Any Brief

Creator Spotlight: Adapt To Any Brief

Briefs come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Sometimes, when you’re facing a challenging project, you need more than a little inspiration: you need pragmatic steps to help you take action.

That’s why we started Creator Spotlight, to inspire you to create more and to offer you the tools needed to become a stronger creator. In the first of our series, we take a look at three creatives who are both awe-inspiring, and educational. All three have built a reputation for sharing their expertise to help you tackle any brief that comes your way…


Part of a trailer for   Making Evil  , an exploration of why we do and think bad things.

Part of a trailer for Making Evil, an exploration of why we do and think bad things.

Where to start with Josie Juritz? An incredibly talented animator and director based in London, Josie has a love for embracing challenging themes. From explaining how nanomolecular genetic switches work in 3 minutes, to celebrating the history of white through an entirely white film, no brief is too wild.

Josie’s portfolio is a wonderful resource for emerging creatives. Featuring behind-the-scene breakdowns and artistic processes, it’ll help you gain an understanding of how to approach complex briefs. We also recommend catching one of her She Drew That workshop talks, where she walks the audience through a few projects.

And if that’s not enough for you, Adobe Create Magazine’s feature on Josie is a treasure trove of creative insight. “I don’t think there’s any point in commissioning animation unless it adds something to the story,” she says, opening an interview that explores both her journey and artistic process. Give it a read, it’ll help you think about how animation can bring more than just aesthetic quality to a project.

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👁  on the  🏆

👁 on the 🏆

Bold colours, fancy expressions, surprising twists. Jordan Scott’s animations will often leave you thinking, “how on earth did he do that?”

The Brooklyn-based 2D animator is king when it comes to combining different styles, techniques and approaches. Give his portfolio a peek for inspiration on how to adapt to briefs from different clients, or head over to Jordan’s side-project, Ice Cream Hater, a curated feed of the hottest new work that’s caught his eye.

Looking to master the graph editor in After Effects, or make some “buttery smooth” keyframes like Jordan? Check out Jordan’s work on Holdframe, where you can download the project file for a couple of his animations and get stuck into the details.

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Meet Tony Babel, a multidisciplinary designer, animator and illustrator from Israel who specialises in rich animations for digital products. Get yourself comfy and stretch those artistic muscles, because Tony comes with 13+ years experience in the creative industry and he’s willing to share every inch.

Lose yourself in Tony’s portfolio, a fantastic collection of captivating and intelligent work. And it goes further than just inspiration: Tony’s Instagram and YouTube channel hosts a catalogue of detailed tutorials and quick tips on recreating the most awesome effects. Dive right in.

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