Motion Composition 101

Motion Composition 101

Finding zen onscreen isn’t easy, especially when you have lots of information and limited space. Giving your placements purpose can be simple though.

Below are Vidsy’s essential rules for motion graphic composition, incorporate them and become a master of space.

1. Rule of Depth

Depth Landscape.gif

The rule of depth applies to layered or 3D compositions. It's all about mimicking the real world in your graphics. 'Faux-reality' if you like.

There are a few ways you can play with perspective. This can be as basic as making objects in the background proportionally smaller than those in the foreground. Another tool to add depth is shifting camera focus.

❒ AE Top Tip: Parent the "camera tool" to a null, this makes it easier to create smooth and effective movements.

2. Rule of simplicity

Less is more. Ever wonder why minimal branding costs so much? Because simplicity is bespoke.

Keeping things clean is key. You want viewers to focus on the main subject, everything else should complement (not distract).

Once you understand your frames’ hierarchy, think about scaling down and cutting elements that add no value.

3. Rule of Odds

Flower Odds.gif

This rule states unusual or uneven subjects naturally draw people's attention. So this a perfect principle if you want your graphics to stand out.

Applying it is simple. If you have subjects to present, choose three or five rather than two or four. Another application could be, if you're tiling a frame, use an odd number of rows.

4. Rule of Space

Space Boat.gif

This one is pretty logical. It’s about intent through negative space.

With all on-screen storytelling, imagery should lead the viewer to a conclusion. For instance, negative space in front of a subject implies they’re moving forward. Simply, the rule uses empty space to show the viewer a subject's journey.

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