Client Friendly AE Files

Client Friendly AE Files

How do you keep clients asking for more? Make your AE file a masterpiece of its own.

Creativity can get messy. It's the nature of the beast. Even though as a mographer you’re not throwing paint or smushing clay into abstract shapes, things get chaotic. We’re all guilty of it - you get a crazy idea and start manically adding PNGs and effects. Before you know it, things get out of hand fast.

Being creative with your graphics is great. However, when you're working with a client, you need to think about someone editing your files after you submit. Clients want to make amends; change copy, replace assets, edit pacing. So ensuring your project makes sense is vital.

Do not fear though, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for keeping your AE files organised like a pro.

1: Trim Layers

Full length layers might look clean, but trimming their starts and ends will go a long way for the next person opening up your AE file.

2: Folders

Getting a 1-2-3 folder structure might sound tedious but it’s a life savers when you’re searching for specific assets in your project.

When you’re looking for “image234%hGG.jpeg”, you’ll be happy to know it’s under an organised folder. After all, searching for “random online image” won’t get any results in AE.


3: Hold off Pre-comps

Getting a hang of pre-comps is nifty. But before you know it, you'll find yourself sounding like Oprah, “You get a pre-comp! You get a pre-comp! Everyone gets a pre-comp!”.

Simplifying your comp as much as possible will go a long way. To help fight a pre-comping addiction we recommend checking our Adobe’s list for when to use pre-comps.


4: Reduce Project Tool

When you’re done with your beautiful project, you’re usually left with the aftermath of the creative process (random images you didn’t use or music files that weren’t right). Using the ‘Reduce Project’ tool means instant too-da-loo’s to all those unnecessary layers.

Reduce Project.gif

5: Text Animators

Copy amends is something that frequently comes up when your creating video for a client. So it's important to keep your animations organised, while not losing any visual flair.

Often, using methods such as masking or multiple layering seems like the best approach to animating text. But these can be a nightmare if you need to edit copy. We recommend using the Text Animator tool to simplify your project file while creating vibrant text movements.

Text Animator Pro.gif

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