5 Brands Bossing Motion Graphics

5 Brands Bossing Motion Graphics

At Vidsy, we know the power of slick graphics. We know that brands who harness motion design can make big waves. So our team is always on the lookout for fresh examples.

In this article, we share five brands killing it with motion graphics and give you tips to create as they do. After all, the best way to create like the best is to emulate them.

1: Adidas

Adidas have mastered flow and movements. Nothing stays still yet their composition isn't confusing, all while unique text animation brings the video to life. Note how they blend copy with product through warping and image masks.

❒ AE Top Tip: Try incorporating the ‘Wave Warp’ tool in Effects and Presets. Think about when you implement the effect. For example, try warping background text during frame transitions to give your video more impact.

2: Swatch

Swatch merge their watch with bold patterns perfectly. It's loud, eye-catching and highlights their customisable products. Swatch tie their composition together by incorporating the same pattern into two different elements (text and image), creating a solid visual theme.

❒ AE Top Tip: To bring graphics to life like Swatch, try using the 'puppet tool'. Apply these tools to a still design to create an organic looking movement.

3: L’Oréal

L’Oréal shows you can make framing fun. They play with the canvas and use simple shapes, with a 90s UX twist, to highlight their product. L'Oréal used motion graphics to make what would be a normal hair demonstration something different.

4: Ellesse

Where do we start here? Sometimes going wild works in your favour. Playing the ‘so bad, it’s good’ card, Ellesse uses maximalism to their advantage. They create a retro aesthetic and add multiple effects, including text echo, 3D objects and elaborate exit transition. The whole video is then tied together with a grainy VHS filter.

❒ AE Top Tip: Try applying the 'echo tool' to either text layers or images in your composition. Simply select echo as an effect in AE and play with 'echo time, 'number of echoes' and 'decay'.

5: Young LDN

Young LDN proves less is more. Their text animation is slick and doesn’t mess around. They take advantage of empty space but use scaling and pace to keep it popping. Young LDN show you don’t need to overcomplicate graphics. Mastering a few basic elements is often more powerful than dozens of detailed layers.

❒ AE Top Tip: Try playing with text scale to create bold transitions. Use the Text Animator tool to achive this - check out our Text Animator article for more details.

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