Animate Text Like A Pro

Animate Text Like A Pro

Want slick text animation that's flexible when you're working with a client? Two words: Text Animator.

Animating text for client briefs can be daunting. On one hand, you want your graphics to be dynamic. But on the other, too many details make future copy edits a nightmare.

Instead of meticulously animating text letter by letter, After Effects' Text Animator incorporates animation efficiently. It allows you to change animation properties easily and edit specific copy while keeping the same flow. The Text Animator gives you flexibility.

Check our step by step Text Animation tutorial below and create like the pros.

This is what we’ll be creating:

Opacity Final.gif


  • Text

  • Light leaks footage, we used this one

Step 1: First things first, find Animate.

Opacity Intro.gif

Step 2: Select Property>Opacity, we suggest renaming it “Initial Opacity”

Opacity Part 1.gif

Step 3: Add another animator, we suggest naming it “Animate IN”

Part 2.gif

Step 4: Next, reduce the opacity to “0”. Then select “Shape>Ramp up” in “Range Selector”

Opacity Part 3.gif

Step 5: We’ll be animating the “Offset” of “Animate in”

Step 6: For this example we keyframed two points, from “-100 to 100.”

Opacity Part 5.gif

Step 7: Then inside “Range Selector>Advanced“ set your “Easy High” and “Easy Low” to “50%”

Step 8: Now we need to add a Second “Opacity Animator”. We’ll name it “Animate Out”

Step 9: This time we’ll modify the “Shape” to “Ramp Down” and then animate the “Offset” opposite of what we did with animate in.

Step 10: Now we’ll add our “Light Leaks” footage to the bottom of our project.

Opacity Part 9.gif

Step 11: Now we’ll change our “Track Mode” to “Alpha Matte”

Opacity Part 10.gif

Step 12: And for the final step, we’ll duplicate the “Light Leaks” footage and change its opacity to “15”, and voilà!

Now you should have a sleek text animation 🌶 leaving you with the flexibility to change anything when (and inevitably) your client will come back with amends.

Opacity Final 2.gif

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Client Friendly AE Files

Client Friendly AE Files

Text Funk: Vol.1

Text Funk: Vol.1