A Creator's Guide: The Brief

A Creator's Guide: The Brief

Want to make a real impact with Vidsy? Follow these three steps and you’ll reach the dizzy heights of mograph aficionado in no time.

Here’s the deal: When you work on a motion graphics brief, there are some essentials that you need to know. Once you’ve got these basics down, you’ll have everything you need to unleash your creativity.

Step 1: Keep It Neat & Tidy

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Avoid External Assets:

Due to licensing restrictions, you can’t use external assets when creating with Vidsy. We’re talking audio, plugins, effects, scripts etc. (even if they’re labelled as free). Please stick to the assets provided by the brand.

Check out our handy guide on making the most of your client-provided assets.

Keep Your AE Files Organised:

Once you submit your videos, our in-house creative team handle any amends with the brand. To ensure we can make quick edits, we need your AE files to follow a set structure.

Here’s how to keep your pre-comps tidy.

Step 2: Get Creative… Intelligently!

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Follow the Brief:

There’s plenty of room for creativity with Vidsy, but there’ll always be some rules that you must comply with in order to fulfil the brief.

We’re talking format, messaging, logo placement, narrative etc., the details of which will be laid out clearly in the brief. Make sure you’re clued up before you get started.

Create with the Brand in Mind:

You’re creating advertisements for specific brands, so you must create within their style and tone. We’ll often provide examples of previous and similar work, but it’s worth doing your own research.

Another top tip for you: always show the brand in a positive light.

Step 3: Watch the Clock

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Hit the Deadline:

Things move pretty quickly at Vidsy. It’s important that you submit your videos before the deadline, as we may miss the opportunity to present your work to the brand.

How to Upload:

Upload your videos to the platform and your AE files to the Dropbox link provided within the brief - and you’re done! We will only contact you if it’s urgent.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ready to take your videos to the next level? Check out our Video Toolkit for tips on overdriving your Vidsy briefs.

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