4 Ways To Desk

4 Ways To Desk

Choose life. Choose your workspace. Choose a spot by the window. Choose a supportive chair. Choose trendy stationery and a desk plant. Choose your Spotify playlist. Choose your caffeine…

Let’s start with something fun. I want you to close your eyes–WAIT!–don’t do that, I hadn’t thought it through. If you close your eyes you won’t be able to read this.

OK, let’s try that again. With your eyes open this time, imagine you’re holding a small notebook. It’s heavy in your hand. The word rulebook is inscribed across the front. Are you holding it tight? Good. Now… throw it away! Flush it down the toilet. Feed it to the dog. Launch it into the sun for all I care. (This is your imagination, you can do what you want).

‘Cause we’ve got news for you: There are no rules when it comes to creating the ideal workspace. Everyone works differently, and it’s all about finding what works for you. A workspace that fits around you can improve your creative production, and just as importantly, your creative wellbeing.

Whether you enjoy curling up on a beanbag in your pyjamas, or donning your best suit and heading to the library, we want you to feel great about how you work. So, we’ve captured the stories of creators who work differently: to inspire you to think about how your workspace helps you focus.



Standing while working really helps me stay focused. I believe sitting is something we mostly associate with rest and relaxation, which makes it less productive.

I like to listen to video game music. It’s specifically designed to motivate players, so it keeps a good rhythm but never distracts, fostering a “get it done” and “keep moving forward” mentality.

I always like to have some fresh flowers around or a lavender room diffuser. Having a room with a pleasant smell promotes peace of the body and the mind. It creates a calming effect in my workspace, sets a positive atmosphere and inspires me whenever I need it most.”



“I don’t always work from the same space, but I choose places with natural light, air ventilation and as much green as possible. Windows are super important to me. Sound (or silence) makes a big difference too, so if I’m ever working in a loud space, I have my own thing going on inside my headphones.

After 3 years of a nomad lifestyle, I’ve built outdoor sports and yoga into my routine. I try surfing, diving, swimming, rowing, dancing or yoga at least once a week, with one and a half hours of physical activity a day.

I wish I could travel with a good chair, but of course, that’s impossible. My next goal is to try working on a kneeling chair. For now, I compensate for poor posture by simply moving around and changing positions as much as possible.”



“I think it’s important to have a mobile working place, and it helps to set up my desk in a similar way… wherever I am. With my Mac, I use an external keyboard and a flexible laptop stand. They really save you from neck, back and shoulder pain. I use a wired mouse and my agenda (diary) doubles as a mousepad.

I enjoy having conversations with people every day, even if it’s just small talk. When I started freelancing I spent every day in my apartment and it got weird after only a week. It’s also nice to cycle the city centre and come back home when you’re done.

During winter time I pack my bags for a warm, sunny place and work remotely!”



“I create an environment where my surroundings reflect my work. I work on a 3-monitor display that allows for a lot of screen real estate, with a vertical monitor which makes it a nice place to view projects in full detail.

Most importantly, however, I have to be listening to music while I work. 50% of the time I’m listening to artists I’m familiar with. It’s like fuel for my brain and I feel like I’m on autopilot, with magic unfolding before my eyes.

There are often times when I’m not sure what direction to take my work in. That’s when I go for a break. I either leave my desk and travel elsewhere to really distance myself. Or I play Nintendo for an hour or two, plugged into my main monitor, while I think about the project in the back of my mind. That really helps with the ideas.”

Do you have a unique way of working that really helps you hit that creative groove? We’d love to see your space. Send us pics here.

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